February 2017 Update

kaori kasai biography

Kaori Kasai, artist-in-motion, graduated from art school in Tokyo, traveled to live and work in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Vancouver.
She creates her own world of eccentric creatures and personalities which bloom into the void: gigantic space dotted with tiny, intimate kinships and spirits bumping into one another, narrating signs of life across a dreamt universe.

Her works have been exhibited at gallery 1 (Japan), Giant Robot, Little Otsu and SOMARTS (San Francisco), Compound Gallery (Portland) and the site of Helen Pitt Gallery (Vancouver).

In '07, Kao was invited to accompany the screening of her new animated short "Duet" at San Francisco's Asian American Film Festival and

Graduated from art school in Tokyo specializing in fashion Illustration. Also trained at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (Canada), learned new media design, CD ROM & web development.

Organize DiGi-Art workshop. Teaching New Media use Mac computer at artsUMBRELLA.

Currently in Vancouver making a children’s book for Simply Read Books.

tel. canada +1.778.321.4188
japan +81.50.5539.7055

mission statement

all materials used are recyclable and pleasing to the touch. my artwork is inspired by all creatures and their children visiting me every day.  

i aim to inspire you to play.

the window

The Window is a new non-profit social enterprise art & craft showcase in the DTES operated by PHS Community Services Society.

Kao at the window

We collaborate with some really wonderful artist on our Little Otsu projects!

Kaori Kasai - Kao is another long-time collaborator who we found through our friend Miko in Vancouver. Kao was living in SF when we first started working with her (or blue hat guy sandwich board, ads, two art shows, a t-shirt). When she moved back to Vancouver, we didn't keep in as good touch as we should have, but we're happy to welcome her work back into the fold with two new greeting cards, In the meantime she was busy with teaching and art and is now focussing on making animation and children's books.


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